guys, if want to run pyBM semi-dark and don't wanna bother with tornet, here is an option: use bitmask of the LEAP project: if you run it, a container will be set up with python to run an oVPN. I set pyBM to listen on port 80 (http) via the tun0 VPN that way your real IP is masked from the other BM users ! not quite tornet but very easy to set up usually. surf to to make sure your IP is hidden (before and after you run bitmask, you will see the difference) pastemonium v0.0
intro - Posted: May Wed 14th 10:53 PM (Never Expires) - Format: text
  1. Welcome to my pastebin project.  Please understand that you're looking at the pre-alpha state of the project.  Being under development the possibility of general wonkiness does exist!
  3. Talk about features:
  4. * PHP code base
  5.   * Open; fork your own
  6. * Security
  7.   * Respectable encryption
  8.   * Open; download and run your own
  9.   * Runs fine without javascript, cookies, etc.; even from CLI
  10.   * Self-destructing and hidden pastes available
  11. * GUI / CLI interface
  12.   * CLI Examples:
  13.       echo TEST | curl -F 'cli=<-' -H "Expect: " ''
  14.       echo TEST | curl -F 'cli=<-' -F 'password=two' -H "Expect: " ''
  16.       curl -s ''
  17.       curl -s ''
  18.     * '' shell script for streamlined CLI usage
  19.   * GUI:
  20.     * List enhancements (e.g., accounts, admin controls, etc.)
  21.   * Ease of use
  22.     * List enhancements (e.g., functional install script, etc.)

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