To protect my identity against stylometry I presented the contents of this post to a person who formulated information provided by me using his/her own words. Typos and bad syntax are intended. This will be condensed list of statements about government-run cryptography. 1. GOV uses AES and other popular civilian crypto algorithms in their top-secret facilities/systems, but: - original KSA is never NEVER used because NSA/GCHQ/{your favourite crypto gov agency here} silent "backdoor" is almost always prepared as some kind of very subtle weakening of KSA intented for civilian use. Developers are forced to weaken their KSA designs. Compare KSAs with encryption functions - you will notice how crude KSAs are. - always when applicable, randomly (hardware) generated subkeys are directly loaded to cipher state 2. GOV have means of wireless data transmission without use of any electromagnetic/acoustic/other emission/transfer. This is some kind of "entanglement on demand" on two sets of specially stabilised particles separated by any distance (it could be transmission from Earth to Pluton with ZERO delay). Such "entanglement routers" are used only in highest level secret facilities. 2a. Very bad news: this "entanglement nanocore" is placed in EVERY CPU since early 2000s. So when NSA wants to be in your computer, it will be, regardless of OS/crypto/airgap/TEMPEST protection you will use. Additionally Windows "watermarks" CPU activity to make "entanglement tuning" to specified target quick and easy. 3. The real cryptographic strength of Blowfish is UP TO 56 bits, regardless of size of key used. This is how it was designed in NSA, and spread under the trademark of NSa frontman and disinformant, "Bruce Schneier". 3a. Kahn's "Codebreakers" and Schneier's "Applied cryptography" were published as part of plan to influence the whole cryptology of the future. This plan was successful, almost all cryptology academia is reduced to mental kindergarten without dissidents of cryptology. 3b. Read "" before its author is alive. Download it, protect copy. That poor guy was close to truth. 4. DES has at least a dozen of trapdoors in its S-Boxes. 5. AES is still not crackable by NSA. But please do remember about weak KSA! 6. Twofish and Serpent are not crackable by NSA. But please do remember about weak KSA! Serpent's KSA is especially weak and should be avoided. 6a. RSA is breakable by NSA regardless of key size. DO NOT USE RSA! 6b. ECC is breakable by NSA for all key sizes smaller than 512 bits. 6c. P=NP. Proof is known in NSA since early 90s. Author of proof still works for NSA. 7. The guy of "algebraic defectoscopy" fame was framed to suppress his cryptanalytical methods. Find his website on, save it, keep this copy safe. 8. NSA is very VERY afraid of polymorphic encryption. But most public algorithms going under that name are shit. Search deeper for crypto that makes NSA shitting their pants. Hint: word "QUASI". 9. This is SHA256 commitment of secret I will use in my next posts to prove my identity. DO NOT trust similar fake "next" posts, if they don't contain a string with SHA256 of b10bcb6556a928ce90415690a5cecaff5474d733a664330afd24fcd27091e401 Stay safe. GOV Insider. pastemonium v0.0
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  1. Welcome to my pastebin project.  Please understand that you're looking at the pre-alpha state of the project.  Being under development the possibility of general wonkiness does exist!
  3. Talk about features:
  4. * PHP code base
  5.   * Open; fork your own
  6. * Security
  7.   * Respectable encryption
  8.   * Open; download and run your own
  9.   * Runs fine without javascript, cookies, etc.; even from CLI
  10.   * Self-destructing and hidden pastes available
  11. * GUI / CLI interface
  12.   * CLI Examples:
  13.       echo TEST | curl -F 'cli=<-' -H "Expect: " ''
  14.       echo TEST | curl -F 'cli=<-' -F 'password=two' -H "Expect: " ''
  16.       curl -s ''
  17.       curl -s ''
  18.     * '' shell script for streamlined CLI usage
  19.   * GUI:
  20.     * List enhancements (e.g., accounts, admin controls, etc.)
  21.   * Ease of use
  22.     * List enhancements (e.g., functional install script, etc.)

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